Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Acrylic Paintings

I've tried out a bit of a new style with acrylic paint this summer, and I like how it seems to be evolving already.Enjoy, more are to come!

Dove Cloud


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Random Works From Life Drawing

These are a few random works that I meant to post awhile ago, but the post didn't save, they ended up in a black whole in the world of blogger, and now i rediscovered them. Enjoy:

Skeleton Study

Triple Pose

Sitting Model

Close Up

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some Scratchboard

For my Life Drawing midterm, we had to submit a five piece mouth study along with our portfolio. We were given the opportunity to use whatever 2D media we wanted to, so I decided to return scratchboard. I really enjoyed finally using my favorite medium again, and created another piece on one of the rare weekends later in the semester that homework hadn't already claimed! Enjoy:)

"Mouth Study"

scratchboard, 2010


Scracthboard, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Focusing on The Face

It's been awhile since I last posted, so I apologize. My Life Drawing class has been moving fast and we're already focusing on faces. I'm definitely new to drawing in such detail from a model, but I have suprised myself with how much I enjoy it! I have alot of progress to make, but these are my first few attempts at portraits of the face:

Graphite on Drawing Paper

Charcoal on Drawing Paper

And my random work that doesnt fit in this post, but I decided to include it anyway:

Backyard Beauty
Acrylic on Canvas

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Little More Detailed

These graphite drawings are each about three minute sketches, so there was a little more time for detail to these.

The first few drawings pictured are kind of a bridge between the loose movement in a gesture drawing and a tighter, more precise contour drawing. They are drawn as a mass of lines to create a figure, while still portraying some movement.

Obviously still loose, these three minute figure sketches are starting to lean more towards a contour drawing. They have the obvious loose element of a gesture drawing- but now with extra time, we had a chance to find the edges of the figure and define it more clearly.

So far...

I'm in a Life Drawing class at Orange Coast College. While we're just starting to get into 25 and 30 minute drawings, I thought I'd share some pics of what I've been working on. And, once I get past my first two huge tests of this semester, maybe I'll have some paintings to share :)
These are all 30 second gesture drawings. These drawings are supposed to be the "spirit" of the figure, a series of lines that captures movement.

These next drawings are one minute drawings, but were done in charcoal. They were done by spirialing the characoal stick in different directions to create the form of the figure.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I took my painting course at the same time as printmaking; my first semester of my second year at Midwestern. The course focused on the use of acrylic paints and all of our assignments called for different forms of abstraction.

"Opposites: Me"

2009, acrylic paint on paper

"Opposites: Bre"
2009, acrylic paint on paper

"Primary Maddness"

2009, acrylic paint on canvas, with acrylic and foam overlays

"Drowning in Doubt"

acrylic paint, liguid nails, calk, masking tape, foam, and shine varnish
on masonite board

(A note about this last piece: I'm not exactly sure why the picture cuts off the piece, but it is in fact a complete square. Also, the picture is taken from an angle simply to show the dimention of the exttended arm.)